From the most humble charity fun run all the way to the biggest international marathon, road and trail racing would not exist without the help of volunteers.

Why should you volunteer?

  1. You can earn money for your club, organization, or favorite charity!
  2. You can earn discounts to future races with Flashpoint Events!
  3. You can earn some serious street cred and brownie pionts with your fellow runners!
  4. It's fun!

What do you need to know?

  1. There are many ways a volunteer can help; manning an aid station, handing out medals, being a course marshall, and more. It is mostly dependent on the needs of the race director for the specific event for which you are volunteering.
  2. You will almost always be working outside. Be sure to check the weather and dress appropriately.
  3. Show up and show up on time. The runners are depending on the volunteers just as much as they depend on the event staff.
  4. Be ready to have fun. Nothing makes a race better for the runners than great volunteers.

How do I volunteer?

  1. Email Aaron at aaron@flashpointevents.com.
  2. Let him know for which race you wish to volunteer.