Virtual Run - you complete your run at your convenience, wherever and whenever you like.

We mail you a finisher medal (dog not included).


Included in your packet with your finisher medal is this reusable grocery bag with the event logo (flowers and fruit not included).


Post a picture and details of your run on Facebook to @flashointevent.


Spring Clean Run Purpose

More than just a run, the Spring Clean run would like to encourage its participants to help clean up the trails, paths, and parks they frequent. Unfortunately it seems these days that trash is scattered about everywhere. Although ideally all trash would be discarded in the appropriate receptacle, we know that realistically this is just not always the case. Even the most civic minded individual may drop trash out of his pocket or have it blow out of his car without knowing. For those individuals who don’t care and intentionally throw trash on the ground, I don’t wish harm to anyone…(haha) But if most or at least some of us pitch in a little, we can help keep our public spaces clean.

More details about a virtual event

When you register for this virtual event, your packet is mailed to you in a least two weeks from your registration date. You then run, jog, or walk on your own accord(where you choose and when you choose). This is a great option for people who for whatever reason could not make it to the live event or for any other reason were not able to participate. The contents of your packet for Virtual Spring Clean Run will be a finisher medal and reusable grocery bag. Both items have the event logo on them and are pictured above. We would love to hear about the run you completed for your virtual event. Drop us a line on Facebook. I am sorry you missed the live event but am glad you are considering the virtual option. Registration is $20.00.