Why do we ask for your phone number during registration?

There are two reasons we ask for your phone number. One reason is to text you your finish time when you complete the course. Remember that not all events will include texting of results and that the number you give during registration must match the number you want results texted to. Another reason is for potential emergencies during the event. We will never use your phone number for telemarketing or advertising. We will never share your number with 3rd parties.

Why is registration nontransferable and nonrefundable?

Lots of specific examples can be given. But to sum them all up, allowing transfers and refunds makes registration a nightmare process to manage and allows for a much greater opportunity for errors to occur. I understand that sometimes life happens and unexpected circumstances sometimes must take priority over events for which you have already paid.

What is a virtual event?

When you register for a virtual event, your packet is mailed to you. You then run, jog, or walk on your own accord (where you choose and when you choose). This is a great option for people who for whatever reason cannot make it to the live event or for any other reason are not able to participate in the live event. The contents of your packet will be detailed in the virtual registration, but generally include a finisher medal and the swag provided during the live event. We would love to hear about the run you completed for your virtual event. Drop us a line on Facebook. If you register for virtual and show up to the live event, you will not be allowed to participate without additionally registering and paying for the live event. Think of it in this way. Would you ever show up to a concert without a ticket and tell the box office personnel that you should be allowed in the concert because you have bought the artist’s music online?

Can my child participate in the event with me?

Yes, of course. And, we would love for them to participate with you. However, assume that you must register and pay for your child to participate. Many events include discounts for children under certain ages. Others even allow some children to participate for free. That said, you may still be required to register your child even when given free entry. Please look for the specific registration options and instruction for your event.

Can I push my child in a stroller?

Typically, “yes”, but there are some exceptions. First, as above, check the registration requirements for children. Just because your child is in a stroller does not mean he can participate for free, it may or may not be the case. Strollers may be excluded from participation due to terrain. A trail run is a good example of when a stroller ban is likely to be in place. Even if strollers are allowed, expect to line up at the back of the pack with the rest of the walkers.

Can my dog run, walk, or jog with me?

In general, the answer is, “no” unless otherwise specified or stated on the event website. Please do not bring your dog assuming he can run with you. You will be asked to remove yourself from the event. There are a couple of reasons for this policy. The first and foremost is that the insurance must allow it, and most policies do not. A second reason is that not all owners are as responsible as they should be and this can have a negative impact on other participants. You are generally welcome to bring your dog to the event. He just cannot participate with you.

Where can I find more information about the event?

Most events have their own website. The website usually has the most comprehensive compilation of details you need; including pricing, dates, times, event location, etc. Most events also have a separate registration page and facebook page. These two sources will also have some information, but may not have as much information as the event website. Any link you see that says, “learn more”, is a good place to start. Please read all information you can find before and after registering for the event. Please completely read all pre race emails to ensure you have the most updated information. Most of the questions you will have can be answered by reading through these sources and you are likely to have your question answered more quickly by consulting them first before emailing the race director. But, by all means, if you cannot find the answer to your question on the website, registration page, or facebook page, then please send the race director and email with your question.